Presentation sheet - first version of the font 1997

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[1997] This font came about in a very natural way, one day I was using the mouse to draw a poster in Illustrator. I had to put in a title and drew it in quickly, just to see the size. That was the start of this font. In the end, it looks like a linocut type. It makes me think of the wooden letters at the entrance of ranches in Western movies

Issued in OpenType by Index Books (Spain/Brasil) as part of the book « Homage to Typography » by Pedro Guitton 2009

Postcards published by Kartoenfabriek Antwerpen - new-address card published in « 1000 Greetings » by Peter King & Company, Rock---port Publ. Massachusetts
USA 2004

Poster on the progression of nationalism and racism in Europe -- cover « Imagine Magazine » june 2002

Poster Vintage Vinyl Fair Tourcoing, France 2002

Poster Vintage Vinyl Fair Tourcoing, France 2003

Logo Gandaplast - binders, pouches, envelopes in poly-propylene, Oudenaarde 1997