Construction study of the characters while redesigning the font in 1998

Study of some letters, looking for the best shapes and proportions

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The first characters of this font were designed to serve as the title of the poster. It’s a tight and narrow font, all drawn by hand, even the hatching. It was drawn on tracing paper with a 2B pencil, at a size of 7 cm. Afterwards I felt the need, as a contrast, to design a straight version of this font.

Promotional poster for the « Week of the public library  1988 »

Mascot / logo for « Roefel, Day of the Child » an organization of the ‘Koning Boudewijnstichting’ 1991

logo / business card for Hilde D’haeseleer, trendwatcher - design Jessika L’Ecluse 1992

Font page brochure Decosit Fair of upholstery fabrics Brussels - design Pascal Leroy 1992