First drafts of the font

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[2005-2009] I made the first drafts of this font in my sketchbook. This ‘handmade’ approach gave the letters curved lines and a spontaneous look. Transferring it onto the computer I put the Frutiger font under-neath as a safety net, never copying it. I wanted this font family to be readable, even in small heights.
Issued in OpenType by Index Books (Spain/Brasil) as part of the book « Homage to Typography » by Pedro Guitton 2009

Book cover, font application 2010

Poster for the exhibition « Bibendum & Co » - catalogue ‘Huis van het Beeld / La Maison de l’Image’ Brussels 2009

Presentation of the Fridadidafont 2010

Logo universitary publishing house, France 2008

Cover from the book series published by Presses Universitaires de Valenciennes, France, 2008

Personal triptych greeting card, 2008