First blind-drawn version of this font

Successive stages of the font

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[2003] One day when I was bored and just looking around, I had the idea to close my eyes and let chance do the creative work, instead of me consciously trying to design. I started by making random points and curves with the computer mouse and ended up with some really bizarre forms. Then I tried to make some letters.
As the result was quite funny, I kept going on blindly making the other letters. Afterwards I worked on the shapes to give the font some degree of coherence.

Issued in OpenType by Index Books (Spain/Brasil) as part of the book « Homage to Typography » by Pedro Guitton 2009

Cover « Karamellosofie » funny epigrams by Wim Bruynooghe, published by A3-boeken The Netherlands 2006

Logo Visual Designteam 2002

Poster Vintage Vinyl Fair Tourcoing, France 1999

Postcards 2016 - not yet published

From a series of personal posters with a political or social issue 2003